Your reservationist is here to assist you.

Flight Reservations Due to the continual fluctuation of airfare prices and the demand for quotes, we request that you submit your airfare request along with your travel vouchers and a reservationist will assist you in obtaining the lowest rates available to us while working with you to schedule your vacation.

If you have multiple itinerary options which are airfare dependant, list all of them on a seperate piece of paper and include it with your travel vouchers. Your reservationist will assist you in determining the best one.


ASTAR specializes in the highest quality of guest travel services, offering extremely discounted holidays and travel options. We are thrilled to present you with the type of excellence, convenience and client assistance that is sure to increase any travel experience. We also make it easy for you to talk about your travels simply by contacting our ASTAR service department at 1-800-231-3760 ASTAR takes pride in offering all our clients a family fun travel experience. With this in mind, we constantly strive to partner ourselves all season round with exceptional leisure professionals.


"Thank you very much for everything. The vacation was enjoyable and we had a wonderful time... The good was good." - Thora
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